Non-Combativity Rule

The GHSFL uses an older version of non-combativity instead of the current USA Fencing passivity rules. The non-combativity rule is as follows:

  • Non-combativity 1 minute without a touch or halt or 15 seconds of no clear intention to fence, immediately call halt and move to the next period with no break.
  • If non-combativity occurs in the 3rd period, call halt, and determine priority. Priority will only come into play if the score is tied at the end of one minute. Fencers will then immediately move to a 1 minute period of fencing. If, at the end of this 1 minute period, the score is tied, the fencer who was awarded priority at the beginning of this 1 minute period is declared the winner of the bout.

Created 2022 by James Wallace